Diagnosis Time

Case in the World, Touch and Start Practicing.

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What Does it Offer to the User?

Cases Suitable for Medical Education Program
Case-Based Education
Auscultation Opportunity (Stethoscope Audio Recording)
Inspection Opportunity    (Patient Images at Every Stage)
Presentation of Examination Results (Images, Tables and Reports) 

What is "Diagnosis Time"?

Medical education has a case-based learning model. Patient treatment; It starts with the right approach. Pre-diagnoses determined by anamnesis and physical examination turn into a correct diagnosis by requesting the right tests and analyzing the test results. Each patient creates a new teaching. With the phrase "There is no disease, there are only patients", Hippocrates determined centuries ago that medical education was founded on case-based learning.
With the increase in the number of 'Medical Faculty' in the world and in our country, medical students and newly graduated general practitioners need to access more case teachings.
'Diagnosis Time', ready to meet this need, offers a wide case pool that turns regional case differences into an advantage: 'Brucella' from Erzurum, 'Leishmania' from Şanlıurfa, which are common in that region but not encountered in other regions, are reported by medical students and doctors of all regions. provides an opportunity to review. Thus, it aims to contribute to the education of national and international medical students and doctors.

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